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Cook's shenzhen see "landmark"

Date: 2014-12-07

As an experienced shenzhen development of journalists, reporters have a special liking to the construction of the shenzhen trajectory.So, today, in the form of photographic record of shenzhen city "landmark" buildings.See "landmark" cook's shenzhen, shenzhen each a "landmark" formation and evolution, all records with us every minute of the city changes, all the way walk, all the way to see, perhaps, you will also like me, deeply in love with our the changes has been updated.
City "landmark" construction workers will drip sweat permeability in the development of shenzhen avenue.Behind in a tall building were built, the intelligence and sweat of the construction workers;Every corner of the city, have poured their dedication;The development of the city every leap, without their hard work.However, these back in after the work has quietly disappeared.Because, they have rushed to the next building targets.
Shenzhen was established in the early stages of the special economic zones, is particularly spectacular, and in the development process of 34 years, has been cheered.From fishing village renovation to the new city planning, from urban development to the evolution of the international metropolis, every progress is innovation and beyond.Is famous for its "shenzhen speed" three days floor of the international trade building, represents the early triumphs in shenzhen, later, diwang building, kingkey 100, and even today the peace of financial building (660 m high) and so on urban construction "landmark", see a person dazzling, overwhelmed.At the same time, chung ying street, east gate commercial pedestrian street, shekou sea world and other commercial area "landmark", for the development of shenzhen has created a miracle.
In the past buildings were built at the same time, shenzhen urban transportation network is also in the rapidly expanding: 1991 built the first airport - shenzhen baoan international airport of shenzhen city, opened a new epoch in shenzhen air transport.To meet the demand of greater carrier, shenzhen opened in November 2013 the time-consuming eight years, covers an area of 500000 square meters of new airport terminal T3 "big fish".In 2004, shenzhen has the first city subway lines;Is expected in 2016, shenzhen metro lines will achieve 10, road network covering more than 700 kilometers.