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Shenzhen hotel supplies industry peak BBS held recently

Date: 2016-02-22

On the morning of April 23, the treasure can group, shenzhen deep industry logistics group, qingshui river hotel supplies city to undertake "shenzhen hotel supplies industry peak BBS" harbour city held in guangdong stories restaurant, hotel supplies production and distribution of representative, representatives of catering enterprises and financial enterprises and media on behalf of more than 30 people together, to analyze the circulation of shenzhen hotel supplies industry present situation, to explore and analyze the factors affecting and restricting the shenzhen hotel supplies industry.
Congress thought, shenzhen is the city of design, it is in the forefront of China's reform, also eat one of the most developed city tourism, shenzhen hotel supplies the design and circulation way. Is common circulation at the same time, shenzhen hotel supplies dealers decentralized management of the status quo, unable to form the industry convergence, this is shenzhen hotel supplies industry influential in the industry, but the main reasons of the lack of market dominance remained.
Assembly of qingshui river in shenzhen hotel supplies city "new supplies one-stop sourcing platform", "affordable" market positioning, comprehensive coverage of high, medium and low three levels hotel supplies category planning, given the highly.