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Family Fun rapidly warming Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong tourists love alone

Date: 2013-05-30

This year's "June" Children's Day falls on a weekend, to Family Fun for selling tourism products rapidly warming.Reporters learned that because "June" to day trips, day tour itinerary is simple, parents will generally park tours, eco-tourism as a good choice, so competition for this market, not only from a linetravel agencies, as well as from online travel site, the surrounding area also have adopted direct way to expand market share.Insiders said that the Children's Day market, although of short duration, but in general will lead to 2-4 adults or even drive home tour, market potential should not be underestimated.

Family Line Showmanship travel deals

It is reported that close to the "six" Children's Day, the major travel agencies have launched a series for children and parents traveling tours and enrollment incentives in order to attract parents to sign up, under the effect of the promotions, the tourism market has also ushered in Childrensmall peak.Reporters learned that, as Children's Day this year coincides with the weekend, intends to use the weekend to celebrate Children's Day of tourists traveling with children than in previous years an increase of two percent.Advice from the current enrollment situation, and the province to Hong Kong and Macao Children's theme park amusement tour excursions in 1-2 days most parents.

Back home side briefed, Hong Kong and Macao tour has always been a paradise "June" Children's Day trips a popular choice, with this year's Disney theme park Mystic opening, it is attracting a lot of parents and children of all ages, Disneyland or Hollywood hotel stayline is hot.If the price is 2770 yuan, check the park's Hollywood Hotel, with direct bus to go away, "Hong Kong Disneyland fantasy music 2 days 3 person family package"; price is 3520 yuan, check the Disney theme hotel, with direct bus service to the process of the "Hong Kong DisneylandFantasy Holidays Family Fun 2 days 3 packages "etc sought after by the public, registration enthusiastic."In order to attract more parents to sign up, we have launched seven days in advance enrollment Disney Family Fun Package also enjoy 100 yuan discount activities, but also get a lot of parents' response."

Liu told reporters that this year's Children's Day is just a weekend, go to Hong Kong with his son had signed up to play, "Although expensive tickets and so together, but kids are like amusement parks, comparing the prices, the local travel agency launchedProduct is still relatively attractive package. "Insiders said that travel the most easy to copy a simple product, but also the easiest to operate, in order to seize the Children's Day market, travel agents also had to pull out all the stops to attract parents of profits to a minimum.Hong Kong and Macao tour the province there is a similar short-term travel.It is reported that the tourism market Suitable for Children launched a large number of children and parents traveling trip of 1-2 days in the province Theme lines, such as science tours, eco-tours, family tours, etc., the price is very affordable, from tens of dollars toa few hundred dollars.

Online shopping tour into the new parents choose

"Ran salesroom travel time-consuming and do not necessarily get the most comprehensive information, or online shopping more convenient." Ms. Wu is a 80 mother usually like online shopping, for traveling with a 5-year-old daughter, shedecided through online purchase to complete.She said he was single when go on a trip has started online shopping life, and now a mother, as found online shopping tourism products is very convenient, "In fact, if not very complex line, online shopping will still dispense a lot of trouble to find flywebsite not only cheap and loose itinerary for kids to play with. "way cattle travel Shenzhen Branch official told reporters, is expected to Shenzhen Happy Valley, OCT East, Chimelong other theme park will be in the" 61 "usheredFamily Visitor peak flow.Shenzhen, for example, Reservations "Chimelong carnival on the 1st Tour" line "June" Mission of the number of visitors increased by 30% over last year or so.

In addition to online shopping tourism products, more parents directly online shopping scenic spots.Taobao travel platform data display to Family Fun products for selling tourism products rapid warming, the most suitable day, two-day tour of the attractions electronic ticket selling, bookings front of the popular attractions of Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Hengdian World Studios, Beijing HappyValley, Chime-Long Paradise, Paradise Hangzhou rotten apple, Chongqing Happy Water Cube, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Qingdao Polar Ocean World, Chengdu Aromatic waterpark, Zhengzhou Infante topics such as the nature of the world park, representing some popular attractions bookingsApril growth of 50%.Seen from the data, the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, it is still a soft spot for Hong Kong nearly a week since there are 20,000 people booked tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Many parents had planned, "June" to bring children to the play area, it is feared overcrowding and other practical problems difficult to line up, play is not fun, have electronic tickets purchased in advance.Currently scenic from Taobao travel tickets booking data, the tourists will be around 30% compared to previous years growth.

Insiders pointed out that Children's Day market, although of short duration, but in general will lead to 2-4 adults or even drive home tour, market potential should not be underestimated.